How does Snowify work?

The operation of Snowify is very simple. Whether on the website or in the App, we'll guide you so you can easily buy or sell:


1. Upload product: To upload a product you only have to access in the "Upload a product" section to choose the photos of your mobile or computer, the App allows you to take photos and upload them directly. Once the photos are uploaded you just have to fill in the required fields; Title, brand, description, specifications ... Remember! The more details you give and the better the quality of your photos, the easier it will be to sell your product.

2. Buy and sell a product: There are two ways in which you can buy the product, contact the seller through the chat, discuss the product and the price until you reach a pact, stay with it and close the deal.

Although we make it easier for you, without leaving your home, thanks to Beseif, which includes secure payment with money retention and courier verified shipping, you can buy withoutany worries, your money will be retained until you have verified that your purchase is exactly the same as you wanted, if you do not like it you cansend it back and your money is returned to you.

On the other side if you are the seller, it works exactly the same, a messenger comes to pick up the product at your home and takes it to the buyer, once the buyer decides to keep it, the money is enters into your account, if the buyer decides to return it, the messenger will bring the product back to you, assuring is the same you have sent before, you don’t have to worry about it.

This system has a shipping cost for the buyer and a sales commission for the seller that will be specified before each transaction.

3. Search engine: Use our search engine to find a specific product, either by keywords or by accessing the different categories and subcategories that you can find within the page and in our App.


4. Language: We have availableon the web and also in the App, an English version and other in Spanish version, in the web you will see the English or Spanish flag, click on it to change from one language to the other.

To change the language in the app, access in the settings and once there, press select a language, the available languages ​​will appear on the screen.


5. Do you have any specific questions?

Access the "Contact us" section and write to us, our team will contact you as soon as possible to help you with what you need, you can also write an email to .